Monday, August 3, 2015

Luchar con el Espiritu

I´ve gotta say that this week, even though full of blessings, has been actually really rough. Haha since a few weeks ago, something has been on my mind and this week I have been having several World Wars in my head. I feel a lot like Enos, who went to catch beasts and on his journey began to think about the words of his father. Later on it explains that he began to pray and didn´t stop praying when it got dark, instead he kept searching for what he wanted. After lots of thinking and lots of praying, I finally got to a point that I had been striving for. I feel the peace that Enos felt after hearing the voice of the Lord saying that his sins had been forgiven. Now I feel the same desires. Now, all I want is the well-being of my brothers. Both my brothers at home and my brothers here in Argentina. I think that it´s important that everyone arrives, one day, at a point in their life when they can feel that very voice in their head. Peace be unto thy soul. Thy sins are forgiven thee. 
As for Palermo, we´re seeing great progress! We´re even planning 3 baptisms this month. Two brothers who are really awesome. And the mother of a recent convert. They all have great desires to do the right. They all went to church also. As for my companion. We´ve been able to really connect lately and I feel like I´m starting to understand why God put me with him. There is always something to be learned from a companion. If it weren´t for all my companions, I don´t think I would have changed as much as I have. Special shoutout to Elder Blake who will be ending his mission soon, Elder Sandberg (a great example of humility, love, and diligence), and my beloved hijo Elder Starkey (best hijo ever). You guys have helped me a lot!
Anyways, I hope you all know how happy I am :) There´s nothing better than the mission. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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