Monday, August 31, 2015

Future Missionaries

This has been one of the happiest weeks of my mission and it has to do a lot with the people that are beginning to investigate the Church. I have always said that the mission is probably one of the best things in life and has done me more good than anything else in my life! That´s why I want to find young future missionaries more than anything. God answered my prayers. On thursday night, we finished up a lesson and decided to head towards another investigator. My comp said that we should just visit a contact that was closer and I agreed. As we searched the house, we came around the corner and without thinking twice I lifted up my arm to shake hands with a young guy sitting in front of his house. It felt as though God just lifted my hand out of nowhere. We started talking a little bit and right away he offered us Jell-O. Haha we declined but we invited him to listen a little and he accepted. He brought out a few chairs from his house and we began to teach him about the Restoration. It was something really special that I won´t forget. After he said the closing prayer he told us that he felt relieved and that he was going to go to church with us. He went. His mom was very interested and both accepted a baptismal date yesterday. His mom, Marcela, said the closing prayer yesterday and started crying, giving thanks that someone had reached out to her son who had been very sad and alone. As we were leaving, he asked us if he could also be like us, a missionary. I ecstatically said yes. What makes me even more convinced that God knows His children individually is that when I looked back at the address of that contact, I had read it wrong and wouldn´t have turned the corner if I had seen it correctly. There are so many benefits of being a missionary but the biggest one is being able to witness God´s hand so clearly in His work. There are more miracles but I don´t have time to write them all! God´s hand is in everything. He exists. He loves His children and He knows them. We are representatives of His son Jesus Christ. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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