Monday, July 27, 2015


Since, I didn´t have much time to write last week I´ll do a little recap of what´s happening in Palermo. Well, last week we had the privilege of seeing the baptism of Esther Cardozo. To explain this story, we must look three weeks into the past. Well, while on divisions with the AP´s, I was with my old comp Elder Blake and we started to talk with a ton of people. While walking on the street, we saw a woman walking toward the bus stop, we stopped her and started to talk about the Gospel. She told us that she already got baptized and she left because someone had taken the life of her son, during which, she didn´t have much support from the ward or anyone from the Church. At first, she was hesitant and didn´t want us anywhere near her house. I don´t know how but the Spirit worked in the both of us and her heart was softened. We passed by a few days later and she gave us a few blocks to sit on and we taught outside of her house. I actually didn´t feel like it was a very good lesson but for some reason she was very happy. The following Sunday, she arrived with 3 of her children and I about smiled my face off. Haha one of those children was Esther. She learned everything very quickly, understood hard concepts, and even read the Book of Mormon daily until her baptism. Another one of her daughters also started going to church shortly after the first sunday.
As I have shared, it would seem that many times, members of the Church who go through very tough situations find it difficult to understand why nobody was there to help them. As shared by the Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:34-46 when we help our fellow friend in times of difficulty and suffering, even so, we do it unto the Lord. If you believe that there is nobody to help for now, it´s because you aren´t looking hard enough. Everyone suffers and everyone needs a helping hand. Don´t let anybody fall away from our Heavenly Father because we weren´t atentive to their needs. God loves His children. Many times, we are the angels that God sends to those in need. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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