Monday, August 11, 2014

Spring = Summer or Winter

Freaking weather here is crazy! One day it will be ridiculously hot and then the next day it´s ridiculously cold! Haha apparently the Spring here is just a crazy pot of winter or summer. But I´m fighting through the craziness. Before I start, I´m still hanging in the same area with the same companion, Parque Guillermina with Elder Salvioli. But the other day we had divisions with the zone leaders for the day. I was with Elder Vargas and we basically just did the normal routine for the day. Since we were in my area, I was leading the whole time and basically they see how well you are progressing as a missionary and in what ways you need help. Well, apparently I´m progressing pretty awesome because Elder Vargas was telling me about how I´m going to do awesome things as a missionary because I only have 2 months in the mission field and am already really good at both the language and teaching. He told my companion that I´m going to do great things at a young age. That made me feel really good about my progress lately so I think that all your prayers have really been helping me through the rough times. Thanks so much for all the support from home! I don´t have a very funny story from this week except that my companion and I have been trying to contact as many Jehova´s Witness as possible. Haha but that´s just part of missionary work. Haha I love all you guys, thanks for all the help with your prayers. God has and will answer every single one! I know it, I live it, I love it! Ciao
Elder Philpot
-I´m really trying to work on the pics, so be patient!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ciao winter!

Que calor!!! So one day Winter just decided to leave and now it is like a freakin jungle here! Really, the weather and climate here is more like a jungle as opposed to California. I thought that it was like Cali but that was when it was winter. Now the trees are starting to green up and the big hill by our area is getting more and more green. I´m more in the city part of Tucum├ín so I don´t get to pick the fruit from the trees but it will be pretty cheap here in a couple months. As for a funny story, every Tuesday my companion has to go to a meeting for leaders and I go and contact people on the streets with a different guy. Since we just had traslados, there were some new guys and another missionary had to come with us. This guy is about as white as it gets... Super tall, ginger, strong accent. Haha so here we are, three white guys, one nuevito (new guy) me, one with 6 more weeks than me, and one super tall white guy. Haha what a scene. Turns out, I speak better spanish than all three and I have the least amount of time in the mission. The thing is, I still can´t carry on a very good conversation. But, it was a fun time! One thing that I´ve really noticed is the presence of miracles here in Parque Guillermina. Really, God has put a lot of miracles in our path because we have been trying so hard to find people to bring to the gospel. Anyways, with fervent prayer, hard work, and real intent, God will grant you with any thing that is righteous. I know it, I live it, I love it. Sorry, I always run out of time. Haha un abrazo
Elder Philpot