Monday, November 10, 2014

Hace lo que Puede

First, a bit of a funny story. This friday we had Zone Training where all the missionaries in the zone get together to hear what the mission president has for us all through the zone leaders. Well, there are assignments every time when someone has to give a short talk about the things that they´d learned in their personal studies about a specific topic. Well, being me, and knowing that I would have to give the talk beforehand, decided to be a little different. Haha In the times of Jesus, the custom was that as the teacher would go up to discuss a topic in the synogogues, he would read from the ancient text or a scripture and then sit down to represent that he would then discuss the meaning thereof. So, I decided to bring my scriptures to the front of everyone, grab a chair, read the scripture, and then sit down to discuss what I learned. Haha I had to explain it to a few people but they thought it was pretty funny. Not that funny now that I think of it, but it was a fun experience. Anyways.....
In the mission, the day of judgment is Sunday. On Sunday, the missionaries get to see how many of the people they´ve been teaching will go to church and fulfill the part on their end. At times, there are multiple that go and sometimes there aren´t so many as you expected. Well, even though we expected a lot more in church this Sunday, it was one of the best days that I´ve had so far in the mission. Elder Blake and I had to teach the Gospel Principles class for the recent converts and investigators, and the topic of the week was Temples and Family History. Since there aren´t a whole bunch of people in that class (or in the ward for that matter) we sat down and gave the class like a lesson. Well, the investigators were especially vicious with the questions. What made my day is that Yolanda answered their questions in a very powerful manner, as if she had been a member for a long time. She is really someone that I look up to. After the class she told me that she was excited to prepare to go to the temple in a year. In fact, the ward is going in January and she´s already planning to go with the ward to do baptisms at least until she can enter in for herself. I feel really blessed to have known Yolanda since she first starting hearing the ¨charlas¨ or the lessons and fighting to make it to baptism. Not much time, but we also spoke with the father of a young investigator and the lesson was incredible. Afterwards, he thanked us for coming and helping him, that he´d been searching for his path and that it was time to change. Not only do I think that he will be baptized but I think that the rest of the family too will be baptized. The kids have already been listening but now we´ve come across a family that can go to the temple one day to be sealed for time and all eternity. God is always preparing His children. He´s preparing all of us, not just those who haven´t heard the Gospel. There is no end to family. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
PS. I know it sucks that I don´t have pics but hold with me. The cyber shops here aren´t so great. But I have good pics to share the next week!