Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, I'm at the halfway mark and boy am I excited to get out there and teach some real people! It's crazy to think that I've been here for only 3 weeks because it kinda feels like forever but it also feels like its only been a few days. I don't even know how that works. Haha but all is awesome here at MTC West Campus. Sometimes the food is great, sometimes I prefer to skip meals but I'm still grateful that I've had the chance to come here! I realize now how important it is that I enter the MTC the day that I did because there are people impacting me, and vice versa, that sometimes are unexplainable! This past week we were having a lesson on asking inspired questions that come from the Holy Ghost. Similar to the questions that Ammon asked Kind Lamoni, and basically read his mind through the Spirit and taught him with only simple questions. Anyways, we were asking an investigator (our companions acting as investigators) questions that brought the Spirit and taught with power, but that didn't work very well because we were just acting. Then our teacher told us to just speak to each other as ourselves and ask an inspired question that we knew came from the Spirit. We were invited not to speak unless we knew that it was what the Lord wanted us to say. So the classroom was silent for about five minutes and since I was first, I was just wondering what in the world Elder Erickson needed. Until as time was running long, I realized that I was thinking in the wrong direction! I changed my mindset a little and then asked Heavenly Father if he would please give me what I needed so that I could comfort mi compaƱero and let him know what God wanted him to know in that moment. And it came to me. I asked him a simple question and it was exactly what he need to hear. I then gave him a little insight that I felt he needed to know from the Lord. Wow, talk about neat! And then we switched roles.... I didn't even know what he could possibly ask me. I thought of like 4 or 5 things that he could have said to me and I would have been happy. But he didn't. He asked me something that I knew God wanted to remind me of. "Are you here on a mission for the right reasons?" That hit me right at home. I replied," I think so... partly because I want to set an example for my little brothers, and I guess partly because I need to help myself and others to know the truthfulness of the Gospel." My companion could have left it at that and I would've felt the appreciation of my Father in Heaven, but then I heard his voice. It didn't sound like it was coming from Elder Erickson though. I knew that through Elder Erickson, the Lord was speaking to me. He said," Your brothers love you and your decision to come on a mission, and you're setting a good example for them." It's safe to say that at that point, many tears were shed. I don't even know why! The Spirit was so strong and I just felt the love of God. I hope that you can all experience something similar because there is nothing quite like the testifying of the Spirit of God. It was definitely a highlight that I wanted to share, because I know that everyone can feel that love and peace, if they will just trust in the Lord and follow the example of Jesus Christ. I'm definitely not perfect. But I'm trying so hard! God sees that. He's happy with you and your efforts.
Okay, funny story! One of the Elders in my District (Elder Cameron) is a total Texas dude from the swamps near Louisiana and the other day he saw a 'Patito' (duckling) running on the street alone. So what does he do? He takes it back to the apartment, sticks it in the tub, feeds it a brownie, and then leaves it in there until we get back from class at 9:30 at night! Haha he named it 'Ganzo' which means Goose so I don't even know where he got that and he said that he saved it and that he is his mother now. He said he was going to soothe it with his harmonica and learn to play the song 'Rubber Ducky'. Hahaha what's funny is this little duck actually started following Elder Cameron after we tried to let it go. But eventually he got in the little pond in the middle of Campus and started living the life. Eating nice grime and bugs from off the water and swimming around like a champ. But now we can't find him... He's most likely dead because mother ducks will kill their young if they smell different. Patito smelled like four Elder's hands and a brownie. He won't be coming round here Jack. Won't come back no more, no more, no more, no more, Jack. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy but he's in a better place with all the other little ducks that died before the age of accountability.
Also, I've been learning harmonica! I'd say I'm getting pretty good and it's really fun! Plus when you have to ride the bus to main campus, walk kinda far every day, and have some free time, it's an awesome way to pass time. Thanks momma for sending me that harmonica. Even if it has been in the toy box for almost 10 years now... But it works perfectly fine and I love it. I forgot my camera today but I'll send them to my sis and maybe she can put up a few of the funny ones! Just know, the Spirit of Revelation is alive and well! I know it, I live it, I love it!

Elder Philpot

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Time Flies!

So, they say that in the MTC days are really long but the weeks are short. It's so true! We have 16-18 hour days depending on when we actually fall asleep and wake up. But that really isn't too bad because you're with your buds and having a good time learning and teaching, even if it is sitting down most of the time studying or being in a classroom. The weeks seem so short though! I think it's because of two things. First, I'm making some awesome friends and having fun (most of the time), and second, I can't even remember what happens on most days because they're long, so I have to write it down. Otherwise I have no idea what happened last week or even last night for that matter. But the Spirit is really strong here so that makes me enjoy the classes and the investigator teachings much more than I would normally.
So, a few fun stories from this week. First, the other day we were getting ready for class and lunch and I thought it would be awesome if we all tied our ties super short. So we did, and man were they short! Like, the opposite end of the tie went to my knees it was so short. Haha and then we went to lunch and everyone thought it was awesome... Except for the Manager who said," That's cute, but it's unbecoming of a missionary." We had to change it of course, and it was a real bummer. But I got a picture so everyone can see the awesome ties we had going on. Second story, I committed my first investigator to baptism! But now he's my teacher... Haha anti-climactic, I know. But now I have three new investigators. The first two are just my maestros, go figure, but the third is named Gabriel. He's awesome! Straight out of Chile and super funny. My companion met him while going to the bathroom with another Elder in my district (we do companion switches a lot for that kind of stuff) and they were supposed to go teach him together but since it was my companion and another's companion, me and my companion decided to teach him together and not the other guys. Haha but it was the best lesson we've ever given; it was about The Plan of Salvation and our Spanish was choice! Afterwards he asked us where we learned Spanish and we were like, we learned a little in high school but we've only been here for 2 weeks. He said he couldn't believe that we were so good. Gabriel had been working on English for like 21 years and still couldn't really speak it so it meant a lot to us for him to say that we were that good at Spanish. He works for the MTC so maybe he can let us in on the secret of whether every "Visitor" is a member or not. Anyways, that experience got me so pumped! Even though the MTC is fun and all, I cannot wait to get out of here and teach some real people! I've never been more happy in my life than after giving a lesson to an investigator in all Spanish. The experience is unlike any other and a mission so far has been more fun to me than most things I've done in my life. So I suggest that missions can be for everyone, because the first convert on my mission was myself. I realized so many things about my life that I consider myself way different than when I entered, and it's only been 2 WEEKS! Imagine all the good that will come from two more years. I believe with all my heart that the gospel is true. It brings happiness to even the darkest of lives. And how great shall be the joy of he that brings many souls unto God. So try to bring others to the truth that you have come to believe and I promise that you'll be more happy than ever in your life. Another thing I've come to believe: Prayer has power... not just something mystical maybe... it has real force and God cannot withhold the will of someone who prays with complete faith. I hope that everyone will Persevere to the End by strengthening their relationship with their Father in Heaven. There are people out there who haven't even received the Gospel yet and need to. Persevering to the End is easy for someone who actually knows the way... Imagine how others are faring without even know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them. Pray for those who need it. Everyone does. Pray that I can learn Spanish so I can hit the ground running in Argentina, ready to bring them the truth. Love all of you. Prayer has power! I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

-Yo y mi companero like to lay down during study
-Me and my kinda short tie
-Our room with my really short tie
-All the people who wear glasses in our zone
-The last night with my bud Elder Parker

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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La Primera Semana!

What a first week! First of all, when I got here, I saw a bunch of people that I knew so it was nice to see some familiar faces. I also saw a lot of scared faces but I was just stoked to be here! My companion is Elder Erickson and he's awesome! He's a jokester and we get along really well, and same with our district, so much so that sometimes it's hard to focus on the Spirit and the language. But we're starting to get that stuff down. Anyways, I got here and they sent me straight to spanish class where we speak only spanish! It wasn't too hard for me because I understand really well but it's so hard for me to remember words and how to put them into different tenses and all that crazy stuff. Later that night we went to a kind of coaching activity at the church and we taught people who were converts that were pretending to be their old selves. One girl, Hely, from Guatemala, was so sweet and sincerely looking for something to fill the void in her life. She even told us about the struggles that she has had as her daughter goes through the struggle of Cerebral Palsy. It was amazing to see how much she cared about her daughter and that she would someday find happiness in her resurrected daughter. It was an amazing first day experience that I'll never forget. It taught me that the people of South America are so ready to hear about the gospel and I'm so lucky to be the missionary that gets to take it to them! The next day, I felt a little sad and crazed because the days are so busy and I realized that I'm really doing this. But then I saw this Elder in my zone smile so sincerely at the teacher that night, and I realized that in that moment, he was completely unselfish and so happy about being on a mission. From then on, I've felt nothing but the love of the Savior and I realized the amount that He can help me, even if it only took a smile that night. Friday was my first lesson with an "investigator", Jaime, who speaks no English whatsoever. Wow, was that a learning experience. Haha I forgot everything that I was going to say and even how to say some of the pleasantries that everybody knows. I was so angry with myself. I came upon another realization! That if I wanted the Spirit to help me teach, then I needed to put in my best effort as well! So I've been trying just that for the last week! I also realized that bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel can have the most amazing impact on an investigator, even if you don't even speak the language. That was the only part of the first lesson that I am glad happened. I bore my testimony. It was simple. But the Spirit was so strong and grabbed hold of the investigator. Luckily, the words have been coming and we've taught Jaime multiple times. Tomorrows is our last day and I hope he says yes to our invitation to be baptized. If not, I don't think it's a huge deal since he's most likely an MTC worker. But I still try my hardest to teach with the Spirit and get him to keep commitments. Then, on Sunday, I got to talk with my momma and the family! It was nice to let them know that I'm doing awesome and the Spirit is basically embracing me wherever I go. It made me miss home a little, and then I got back to work so it isn't pressing my mind anymore. I love the MTC. Even though I'm on the West Campus which is just Wyview, and the food is limited, and there's 1/100 of the people, and we have to walk a lot more, and the classrooms are small, I still enjoy myself. I can't complain because I'm just happy to be serving the Lord. Missions are hard, but they are called of God and I know that I was meant to be here with these people in my life. Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get here! I know that missionary work is important in the eyes of Heavenly Father. I know it, I live it, I love it!
-Elder Philpot

Me and Elder Parker from my BYU ward!
Me and my companion in our dorm.
My full closet.
My sweet tie.
My sweet name tag and pocket.
Me studying.
Selfie with the district studying Espanol.
The Zone at the temple.
My companero and me and the temple being silly. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


I enter the Provo Missionary Training Center come Wednesday! It's Sunday afternoon and tonight I'll be set apart as a missionary! I've looked forward to a mission my whole life... and now it's here. This is the introduction to my adventures in Argentina. This gospel is true! I know it, I live it, I love it!