Monday, March 28, 2016

Happys Easters

Felices Pascuas! This week was a fun one :) Elder Mann and I are doing fine here in Autonomía. I can´t complain either because the weather is awesome until now, the bikes are in the shop being fixed up from minor damages caused by Argentine designed potholes. Haha we are super excited for General Conference that´s for sure. SInce it´ll be our last one, we´re going to try to make it the best one. We´re planning on printing out little pamphlets for the investis, bringing recliners to the stake center by truck (Jando´s truck), and inviting everyone to receive revelation through the modern day prophets´ words. 
We´ve been wrestling a little bit with the baptism of Paula but if we can just teach her to resolve her own doubts, she´ll be an active member the rest of her life. Outside influences can often times have a negative impact on her view of the Gospel.
The Bulacio boys (Esteban and Franco) (members) have been helping their parents(non members), who actually went to church on Sunday to see their two boys give their testimonies which we had assigned them the day before :)
We found an awesome new investigator named Leopoldo! Elder Mann about two weeks ago said that it would be nice if someone would actually read the pamphlets and then explain us that they understood and that they followed its instructions and prayed. Well, later that night we visited Leopoldo, who had a pamphlet from our contact in the street, and he DID it! Except the part about prayer, which he didn´t do. But he understood everything front to back and he taught us the message of the Restoration when we got there. 
The Moreno family is close to being able to get married but they´re just waiting on the father´s divorce papers. Pray for miracles! After marriage they´ll be baptized.
Last but not least, the girlfriend of a random less active guy started to come to church about two weeks ago so that was a miracle and we´ll start teaching her this week! She even brought dessert to church to share with the members afterwards. WHAT?!?! Even members don´t do that. Haha
Anyways, the mission is fun. But we are all missionaries. Our families should have baptismal goals! They should plan on giving a certain number of references to the missionaries every month. There´s no time to lose. Nothing to lose either. Jesus Christ lives. He´s quickening His work. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

Monday, March 7, 2016

New Stuff!

I got a new area. I got a new companion. I got new bikes. I got a new pension. I got air conditioning. And best of all, I got a new chance to change people´s lives :) I am now in Autonomía which is situated in Santiago del Estero. It´s a little ironic because the weather is just like Arizona so looks like God is preparing me for the scorching heat of Phoenix. My companion is Elder Mann from Murray, Utah. He´s tall. For some reason I´m always with tall companions and the people stare like no other. He´s awesome. I´m super excited for these last few months. We´re gonna work super hard and finish with fire since he will also be finishing a little after me. Everything seems to be set up perfectly for a fun finish. But let´s not talk about the end! I´m still in it. 
Something that I´m really coming to know for sure is that our Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us and if we get all sad because things don´t go our way it´s because we are being too prideful. I´ve come to learn that lesson many times. We Philpots are a little too prideful so it´s been quite the ride. Haha but with more time in the mission and seeing His hand even more in my life, I feel a deep love and confidence that He will always do what´s best for me and my happiness. I know it with all my being. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
PS. Elder Blake, I know that you´re gonna want me to visit a few people. Forget about it ;) Nah, let me know and you can count on me.
PSS. I didn´t write very much. I´m sorry. Next time!