Monday, January 4, 2016

Goals or resolutions

First off I want Elijah to know how proud I am of his new dedication to reading the Book of Mormon every day :) keep it up big guy! Next, I would like to thank my family for keeping me in your prayers in spite of all the crazy things that are happening at home. I know it can be tough but sometimes it´s better to just take a siesta, mom ;)
Happy New Year! I´m glad to say that I´ve been able to set myself a few goals for the year and I hope to be resolute in accomplishing them (I´m not sure if that´s good english...). If there´s one thing that I´ve been able to learn this week is the importance of setting personal goals every day, week, month, and year. As reads Elder Ballard´s quote in Preach My Gospel,¨"I am so thoroughly convinced that if we don't set goals in our life and learn how to master the techniques of living to reach our goals, we can reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached but a small part of our full potential. When one learns to master the principles of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he attains in this life." While thinking about the act of goal setting I came to question the difference between a new years resolution and a goal. When we hear resolution we all think about the chubby neighbor that runs for about 2 weeks in January and then gives up. When I hear goal, sometimes I think about the bishop trying to explain to an 8 year old about goal-setting so he can go to the temple when he turns 12. Sometimes these words can seem so formal and I feel like we can at times also say these words with little emphasis. A goal is a reflection of our desires AND OUR FAITH! If we don´t set personal goals, we aren´t building our faith. Goals can range from doing a simple act of service every day, to ponderizing every week, and to even getting married in February (hm hm, Elizabeth). But I feel like what is still lacking is a resolution. Be resolved to fulfill anything we have put our minds to. I invite you, yes you, to put some goals. Then, be resolute. There lies success. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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