Monday, January 18, 2016


I´m starting to run out of things to say in my letters home so maybe next week if you all send me about 3 questions that don´t require lots of explaining I can tell you guys everything you want to know :) 
Other fun news: I finally got my bag back from the church offices! What a relief! Also, this week I started tramites (procedures) so they can renew my ID in Argentina. The awesome part is that the ID lasts for two years and I´ll be finishing here in May so if I want to come back or even live here for a while, I am free to do so! Haha but I don´t think they´ll let me stay in the mission much longer so don´t worry Mom, I can´t extend my mission again. 
This week I´ve been able to see the great impact that service has in our everyday lives and in the lives of others. While getting ready in the morning, I often find my companion doing some kind of service for me so I tell him to cut it out. Since he keeps at it, (in anger) I grab his things and start doing little acts of service for him. Pretty soon, I think it´ll come to the point that we´ll be dressing and feeding eachother because it´s a competition of who can do more service. Haha but as King Benjamin teaches in Mosiah 4, those who do not serve others or give to the poor and needy are not worthy of the remission of their sins. It´s quite strong actually. The chapter helped me realize that service and fast offerings are a little more important than ¨resting¨ on the sabbath day. Christ taught that it is licit? to do good on the sabbath day (I forgot the word in English). I know it´s true because I live it. I tract and teach the same every Sunday! Service is true religion. I know it, I live it, I love it!

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