Monday, January 11, 2016


I´m sure you´re wondering why the title says WHOOO... Well, I just found out that one of the investigators from Palermo in Salta got married and baptized this week!!!!! Her name is Milagros, I´m not sure if I talked a lot about her in my letters but she´s the mom of a member from the ward and for a super long time we taught her but her ¨boyfriend¨ didn´t want to get married. Well, after a long wait it finally arrived. It´s hard to explain the joy that one feels after something so simple but so life-changing and huge. It makes the hard things worth it. 
This week has been pretty hectic. We travelled to Salta on Monday and had our Leades Council on Tuesday. On our way back to Tucuman, in the mission car with the APs I realized that I left just about everything in the mission office. So I´ve been carrying around an old Book of Mormon and D&C in my bag and a few Books of Mormon for los Tucumanos. On Saturday we had our Zone Training which was pretty awesome because we did a few activities (?) and then applied them to our lessons. Overall a great week :)
I learned quite a bit this week about the way the Lord had the prophets write the Book of Mormon. About a month ago I started a little project with the BoM so I can develop more of Christ´s attributes. I mark the scriptures that have to do with the attributes of Christ and then I put little color coded flags on the side of the page. It´s helped me to see that during many chapters the Lord repeats an attribute over and over so we don´t forget or even come up with excuses for not being diligent, or humble, or obedient, etc. The Lord is all knowing. He can help us reach our potential if we put in our part. I know it, I live it, I love it!

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