Monday, January 26, 2015

Listen, just Listen

I don´t know exactly why but this week the noises of Argentina have been really fascinating me. Especially here in Salta, Pichanal there are a lot of weird sounding animals and creepy crawlers with funny names. There´s this funny type of frog here the literally sounds like a crying baby! Honestly, if a baby were to get lost and start crying, I wouldn´t know the difference at all. So whenever we´re walking to New Jerusalem (a neighborhood in my area) we hear a ton of them and I start to cry along with them. Haha there´s also this bird that makes this whooping whistling sound as if it were trying to get your attention. I´m always scared that there are drunkards in the bushes trying to get my attention so that they can grab me. Haha there´s also a lot of eagles and hawks here that make sounds very majestic and inspiring. The little creatures all make distinct sounds and crawl in different creepy ways but the most interesting of all has to be the ¨Juanita¨ or ¨little johnny¨ (feminine). It has a acidic pee that will burn the flesh if it gets on you, and what´s worse is the smell that it lets off when it pees. It´s aweful!
As for me and my companion, we´re having a blast together! I´m already really familiar with the area and I feel like I´m able to help out a lot more so we´re starting to get work done. This week was a little tough for us and we don´t know exactly why but we definitely saw the blessings for sticking to it through the week. This week, almost all of our progressing investigators went to church and thanks to the members, they are having good experiences. Unluckily, I taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday in church and I think I taught doctrine that was a little bit too hard for the class of investigators. Haha oh well, hopefully the Spirit deafened their ears and they were able to hear the language of the Spirit.
Well, the moral of all the week seems to be how we listen... But to things of the world, we must not listen. There´s no time to listen to the distracting and misleading sounds like the crying baby frog and the attention calling bird. We have the solemn call to listen to the voice of He who speaking for the Father. We cannot reach the Father unless we go through His Son and we will not be able to know the Son if we know not the Father. Therefore, listen to the words of Christ. Read his words and follow His example. Listen to the Spirit who testifies of the truth. Try to apply the majestic and inspiring words of Jesus Christ to your life. I know that He still speaks. All we have to do is listen, Just like the scripture in the Bible,¨Speak Father, for thy servant heareth.¨ If we listen to our Father in Heaven, He will listen to us. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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