Monday, January 12, 2015


I finally got transfered from my first area. I will always remember Parque Guillermina as my home away from home and I definitely will return one day to visit all the people that impacted my life. Yolanda was really sad that I had to leave and gave me a few more gifts, just like every other time that I thought I would be leaving but didn´t end up leaving. She gave me a really cool belt with a cool design and a big old dictionary in Spanish so that I wouldn´t have to always ask what the word actually means (because I understand the word but I need a definition). Haha I was a little tired of always walking the same streets but I know that it´s my time to be in a new area with a new companion. They actually pulled a prank on me last night when they were telling me where we were going. The zone leaders told me that my companion was leaving the area and that I had to train a new elder which would mean 3 more months in Parque Guillermina. Haha but turns out, my companion is staying and I´m headed for la provincia de Salta, to a tiny pueblito called Pichanal, close to the border with Bolivia. I´m actually already here with my new companion, Elder Sandberg, who has been on the mission for about 3 months less than me. He´s a really great dude who wants to work hard so I´m excited to be here! We´re the only elders here in this town so we have to walk a lot but I´m really pumped! I think what I learned most this week is that the Lord always seems to bless me with the things that I ask and it always reminds me of the promise in both the Bible and Doctrine and Covenants. ¨Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be openned unto you¨. There are so many things in this world that God wants us to enjoy, we just have to ask and show that we actually are willing to work toward those things. The Lord has blessed me so much until now that I wouldn´t be able to write down the blessings in one day, and He blesses each one of you in the same way every day. Look for the gratitude for the things that God gives us. Be grateful for your blessings. Be grateful for your trials because it´s the only way that you can progress. Be grateful to know the Jesus Christ is your Savior... and mine... and all of ours. Be grateful for the mercy of God and for the opportunity that we have every day to become more like Christ. If we are willing to be grateful, work hard, and just ask, God will bless us with the things that we ask of Him. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
I think that the computer will erase my pictures if I try to download them so be patient with me.

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