Monday, April 11, 2016


With the nice little voice recorder that Elder Mann has been letting me use it´s starting to get harder and harder to think of things to write down in the weekly email. But I´m sure the Lord will guide me in my efforts to make you all laugh and remember the Saviour. 
First off, my beloved Elder Mann was touched my a ghost this morning. Yes, you heard it, a ghost. To my alarming surprise, while putting laundry in the washing machine this morning a heard a childish yelp come from within. And then a beckoning for my presence. Haha Elder Mann said that something black, wet, and hairy had grabbed the back of his heel and was about to climb up when it was scared by the screams of poor Elder Mann. Yes, a rat. A black, wet, leg-climbing rat. I´m sure it could teach me a few things about rock climbing actually. Anyways, in quick response to the emergency situation, we glued two cups together, put a stick through the ends, put the stick over a big bucket of water, and then covered the cups with honey and crackers... The perfect mouse trap. (Elder Mann´s idea). We hope to see results when we arrive home this very afternoon.
Sometimes we are like that little, I mean, big, black mouse. We start to do great things, but often we get too confident and touch people´s legs. Or as we will soon see, we are too ignorant of our very unsafe surroundings and we fall into the trap, seemingly without escape. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are taught to Stand in Holy Places. Are we really striving to choose our friends wisely? Are we too prideful to see the impact that our actions have on others when we make mistakes? Or are we aware of the dangers that surround us? Do we willingfully choose to stear clear of temptations? We must stear clear! I love you all. Your choices affect your destiny. I know it, I live it, I love it! 
Elder Philpot

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