Monday, April 18, 2016

Noche de Talentos

Let´s get right down to meat! This week´s talent show was a success. About 2 weeks ago we decided that the branch needed some fun so we planned a talent show. Unluckily, nobody did their part in prepare the chapel or invite their friends but, the same, many went and enjoyed it a lot! It was a blast. Santiago del Estero is one of the oldest cities in South America so it wasn´t a surprise that there is a wide variety of talent, of which mostly is musical. Since we Elders don´t have too much talent, we decided to do a bunch of stuff all together and make everyone laugh their heads off. Haha it worked :) But it wasn´t so much the music or the dancing or the joke telling that made us more happy but just being together as brothers and sisters fighting the same worldly battles. The secret to making a ward like Zion: bringing people together, inviting others, and visiting those that don´t come. If we could all do our little part in making our ward like Zion, the world would advance at a very rapid pace towards happiness and peace.
I would also like to emphasize the fact that we often put too much emphasis on doing things perfectly or it isn´t of much value. The talent show was evidence that it isn´t like that at all. I don´t have to know how to sing or dance well to participate but I sure can be Me. I don´t have to know the scriptures to value their importance and understand the need to read. I don´t have to see God to express my testimony. I don´t need to be perfect to be a missionary. But I do have to try. If we try, if we do our best, it counts for something. God knows us. He knows our hearts. He loves us. He values our efforts. I know it, I live it, I love it. Don´t feel inadecuate, don´t get down, don´t give up :)
Elder Philpot

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