Monday, February 22, 2016

Deja que el Espíritu te enseñe

I don´t have too much great news. Overall things are going really well here in Belgrano, Tucumán. I´m enjoying my time with Elder Romer and we´re seeing quite a few miracles.There are lots of people that are so close to baptism and we are just waiting on the decision of parents and the wanting part so they can be baptized. I´m just realizing that you guys know very little of the people that we´re teaching here in Argentina. Well, here´s a description.
Melani- a young single mother of 17 that is best friends with the daughter of our ward mission leader. Nough said.... Haha she accepted very quickly the Gospel and knows more than many members. She loves the scriptures and has made many friends in church already. She just needs permission from her parents. They aren´t very willing. Pray for her :)
Jose Rios- a member´s dad. He´s about 67 or something like that. He loves joking around with the missionaries. Haha he almost got baptized about two months ago but had a little problem and then got lost from the face of the earth. We found him about two weeks ago and started to teach again. He´s getting warmer! Haha
Nestor- the father in a family of all members. He´s very open. He´s just looking for his own testimony. He told his family that he would get baptized if they asked him to but we all know that it doesn´t work that way. He´s close :)
There are a few others but I´ll tell you about them next week :)
The Spirit is our guide. He is our teacher. He leads us in times of trouble. I know it, I live it, I love it! Search for opportunities to share the Gospel by following His guide :)
Elder Philpot

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