Monday, February 8, 2016

Summer Sun

It´s heatin up here in Tucumán! Lots of sun, lots of humidity, and lots of warm friendly people. I´m not sure how to take the fact that my sis is all grown up and getting married on Saturday but I´m trying to take one thing at a time. Haha first, finish strong. Second, think about everything else! I´m really glad that you´re so happy Elizabeth :) It makes me a little apprehensive thinking that I´m the next one in the ¨getting hooked¨ line. Haha pero falta mucho :) I´m also glad that mom hasn´t killed anyone yet. Congrats ;) 
Overall, the mission life is great. We´re seeing lots of miracles, having lots of fun, and overcoming lots of challenges. I really enjoy my time with Elder Romer, we´re like a little old couple that helps one another to be better. This week we travelled to Salta and once again missed the bus home thanks to a little old man that we decided to contact who ended up talking for 15 minutes. Haha and yesterday we had an awesome lesson with a few youngins that have been prepared by the hand of God for some time now. Gabriel is 20 and has had a really dark past and recently was released from jail. By luck (or better said, the Spirit), we crossed paths in the street and he asked us for a Bible. Unfortunately we only carry Books of Mormon (luckily). He started reading and we found him in his home last night! He´s staying with a friend and his family is after him legally. He told us that he can´t get rid of the constant depression that he feels. It was such an awesome lesson talking about repentance and baptism with him and his friend Cristian and Cristian´s gf. They all accepted baptismal dates and they`re all excited to go to a Family Home Evening in the church on Tuesday and to Church on sunday! I´m even more excited. Haha Life is great. The Spirit is our guide. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
PS Keep reading the BoM Elijah! Dont skip days :)

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