Monday, December 7, 2015


I´m sorry that I didn´t write last week but it was pretty hectic last monday. But man, would I have to say that it was a fun week. Last monday, we planned to go to El Cadillal, a beautiful lake about an hour from our zone. We had everything planned perfectly. At 7 in the morning, we all were going to meet in the terminal, we were going to arrive at 8, we would hike for 2 hours to a waterfall that I visited last year, hike back in 2 hours and take the bus at 12 noon. Well, it didn´t exactly go as we had planned. Haha we got to the terminal on time, but 2 sister missionaries sent a text saying that they were going to get there a little late because their bus was driving slow. As we stalled the bus a little, they ran as fast as possible but we had already pulled out of the parking lot. Luckily, we saw them running and they ran to the bus just as it was about the leave the station. We got there safe and started to hike. We got to the trail head and I failed to pay attention/remember that it was a difficult hike not appropriate for girls who aren´t used to doing hard things. Haha after some three hours and hundreds of falls and helping hermanas get back up, we got to the waterfall. We took a ton of pictures. It was beautiful. I took lots of pics, mom, don´t worry. And we started back home at about 11:30. Not going as planned so far. Well, we did just about the same on the way back and decided to eat at a restaurant on the coast of the lake. We were worried that we would miss the bus so we ate like wild dogs and started for the bus stop. When our two ¨scouts¨ got to the bus stop it had already left and we were stuck in heaven. To try to get back in time, we had to all call a taxi and try to get home (paying a lot of money btw). Then we had to leave immediately because we had to travel to Salta for our Leader´s Counsel. When we got to the terminal for the second time that day, we saw all the missionaries that couldn´t get a taxi in their normal clothing arriving at the terminal. They had waited for the next bus that would have come at 6. I felt terrible. I had planned an activity and the majority ended up suffering for disobeying the schedule on P-Day. We called President and explained what happened. I´ve come to really appreciate what he told us. ¨The next time, it´ll be much better if you plan much better¨. (I honestly don´t know if that´s good english but you get the idea). 
Many times in our lives, we will run into obstacles and things won´t always go as planned, but if there´s one thing that I´ve learned this week, it´s that as we plan for the little things and for our failures, our lives become much easier. God planned our creation. God also planned for the fall of Adam and Eve. We also can follow His example by planning according to His will. Plan, it´s the easy way. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
I don´t have time. I´ll send pics next week. 

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