Monday, November 23, 2015

Tucumán Tucumán

You know, after about 500 emails sent home I´m not exactly sure what I can say. Haha I´m happy. I´m healthy. I´m keeping myself relatively cool in this humid climate. And the people treat me well. If you want to hear something funny, I could tell you about the way people talk here. But I think everyone already knows that here in Tucuman it´s not the purest spanish in the world. Or I could talk about the number of dogs that are just funny looking because animal control doesn´t exist here. Or I could tell about the dog that lives in our apartment building that has a disorder and keeps getting fatter and fatter. Or I could even talk about the flies that are for some reason a little slower here and much easier to catch or squish. Or I could talk about the number of people that can fit on a single moped or motorcycle (you´d be surprised). But I want to talk a little about the love that God has for every single one of His children. ¨For God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son.¨ It doesn´t matter how many strange things there are in Argentina, in fact, the things of this world don´t matter much at all. What really matters is our personal commitment to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior. As I think of my Savior, I think of all the awesome people that I´ve come to help thanks to a simple decision to follow God and serve a mission. I also think of what I still owe Him and it makes me want to be better every day. For God so loved Elder Philpot, that He allowed him to serve a mission and meet all these wonderful people. For God so loved YOU, that He sent the Gospel into your life. The blessings are uncountable, infinite. Elijah, it´s about time that you leave on a mission. You have no idea what awaits you. I love you guys! We are children of a loving Heavenly Father. So simple, but so immense. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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