Monday, November 2, 2015

Home sweet home

Sounds like everyone is having fun in their respective places of stay. I am also having fun in my new old place of stay. This week I was asked to pack up my things and take a bus to my city of birth (in the mission), Tucumán. Haha they transferred me to the zone of my first area, Parque Guillermina, and now I´ll be supervising the work in a place that I´m already so familiar with. My area is called Belgrano 2. What makes it even more ironic is that I´m with an old friend that I came to really love here in this very zone. My companion is Elder Smith. No... his name is not Joseph. When I received the call last night I was almost sure that I would go due to the already very long stay in Palermo. When they told me that I´d be ZL in the same zone where I started with a companion that I met while there just made me awe in amazement. Haha whats more, while in a conference together, Elder Smith and I proposed to Pdt Chaparro that he should make us companions. Well look how fickle life can be! Hahaha
Anyways, apart from the irony and a ton of fun memories, I´m super excited to get to work once again in Tucumán. During this week, I´ve also been able to acquire new skills. I´m learning to play piano and I´m not half bad. I´m learning to focus on the most important, because I don´t have much time. But what I most have come to learn is that God is in charge and that´s that.... but! we can plead with Him and He will listen. Prayer has the power, not to change what is around us, but to change our very selves so that what is around us becomes a miracle. This is a great truth. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
BTW- fam, I extended my mission until May 31st. I´ve prayed and I feel like it is what the Lord desires. And mom, I asked permission from dad. Haha

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