Monday, September 21, 2015


Nacho, Nacho, Nacho, Nacho! Haha Nacho got baptized on Saturday and it was really awesome! The sister missionaries in our ward also had 2 baptisms so it was a party. Since a ton of people went, we had to give all the talks and announcements in the chapel. I conducted and for the first time I felt a little nervous conducting a baptismal service just because there were so many people. What´s even better, 2 members brought friends and 1 of those friends came to church yesterday! These members are capos (bosses)! 
Anywhoo, the news came last night that my Chileno comp Elder Gutierrez would be taking off to Rosario de la Frontera (which is weird because I´ve been here longer than he has). I was honestly really sad to see him go. In spite of the culture differences and different customs, we got along super well. I don`t have a doubt that we´ll be good friends for life. In fact, we´re already planning our glorious reunion. 
My new companion is Elder Garrett from Utah. Very kind. Curtious. Clean. Organized. Definitely had to have been a boy scout.Haha I´m excited to see out the rest of this transfer, especially because once again I´ve been REUNITED WITH ELDER SANDBERG! We moved from the pension in Olavarría with Elder Barboza and Elder Guzman to the pension of our beloved Elder Sandberg and Elder Jensen in La Loma. I´m definitely excited to see what happens. We just have to hope that it never gets out of hand! Haha just kidding. Overall, I´m great. I´m healthy. I´m happy. I feel comfortable. And I love the people. I can´t describe how much I love being in Argentina. Not for all the sights and sounds, but for the love and the heart of Salta! God knows what He´s doing. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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