Monday, September 14, 2015


I am convinced that life isn´t easy because often times we aren´t looking at it the right way. I wouldn´t say that life is easy necessarily but sometimes we tend to think that if life were just a little bit easier we would enjoy it a whole lot more. Certain trials seem to surround us in the mission. Rejection, exhaustion, pressure from others, fear, disunity, and sometimes we just like to cry. Haha I´ve experienced it, I´ve seen others experience it and it can be sad to see. But there´s nothing that gives me more comfort than ¨this rallying cry.......´remember Him´.¨ It´s a little hard to explain but I think that the Elder Holland says it a little bit better. ¨I am convinced that missionary work (life in general) is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation was never easy. If our Savior can cry on His knees with blood dripping from His face, begging,´Abba, Father, remove this cup from me´,how could it ever be easy for us?¨ Christ suffered an enormous price for our salvation.
When we look at the suffering that this life causes it can seem pretty sad. But when I look at the suffering of our Savior before His crucifixion and death, I think of how gosh darn easy my life is. Somebody already payed the price of my suffering. I need not pay it. Thanks to this amazing sacrifice, I am free to really enjoy what I have been given and I also think of the superboost that Christ gives me in this round of gaming, difficulty: legendary. Haha I can honestly say that my suffering doesn´t affect my faith negatively. It strengthens it. 
I´m enjoying the mish. I love it. These have been the best moments of my whole life. I´ve ¨suffered¨, or so I think I have, but I look upon those moments with a smile and a little laugh. Don´t worry too much. Disfrutelo. Christ is risen. Thanks to Him, we all will be risen in the last day. We ALL have the opportunity to accept this happiness or continue living like suffering 9-5ers. Haha I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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