Monday, May 4, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaño

Well, I´m about smack dab in the middle of my mission guys. And let me tell you, it´s getting better and better the longer that I´m out here. This week was full of adventures, miracles, and blessings! This week was also full of fun animal encounters. Haha Miguel, one of the members here in Pichanal that always leaves with us to go teaching found an armadillo in ¨el campo¨ and brought it home with him. He called us up and asked us to go over and help him cook it... Haha well, we saw it but we didn´t have time to cook it that day, so we planned another day but unfortunately it escaped that night :( But, he totally made up for it because he gunned down a bird with his slingshot and I cooked it up this afternoon for lunch. Haha it was pretty tasty, a fun mix between chicken and meat. Hahaha Miguel has been a member for a very long time but he just recently reactivated about 2 years ago. He has a mental illness that lowers his age to about 13 or 14 in a body of a 40 year old so it´s aaaaalways a huge blast being with him, which is lucky because he always leaves with us to go teaching every day. Being with him helped me realize quite a few things. One, just because we feel inadecuate doesn´t mean that we are unable to help in the Lord´s work- anyone can do it- everyone must do it. Two, that the Gospel isn´t always about knowing everything from the beginning. God knows that we are uncapable of learning everything from the get-go, weaknesses serve us, they help us be humble before our Maker. And lastly, I realized that to ¨hear the music of the Gospel¨ doesn´t always come after ¨learning the steps of the Gospel¨. We can love what we do even if we have no idea what we´re doing. After all, I do it every day. Haha
Not much time, we had an awesome baptismal service on Friday. Maribel was baptized by the hand of my beloved son, Elder Starkey. Hahahaha I´m having a blast with this nut-ball! The Gospel is fun. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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