Monday, April 27, 2015

40 Day Fast

I would have to say that this was the most fantastically normal week! Haha nothing too crazy happenning, just constant good things every day. I´m still having lots of fun with my beloved son Elder Starkey and we´ve been seeing quite a bit of success lately. The little girl that finally received permission from her father,afterall, wasn´t baptized but only because it would be better to wait and get baptized along with the whole family in the following weeks. On Thursday, we did divisions with the zone leaders and Elder Starkey did an awesome job of managing the area solo while I was in Embarcacion with a great Elder Robins, the typical Orem-ite, blond hair, blue eyes, straight teeth, and 11 brothers and sisters. Haha to be honest, the division really made a huge impact on my week. Thanks to my awesome past companion Elder Blake, I took the time to really search the strengths of this missionary so that after the exchanges I could let him know how awesome he really is. I learned so much about just being jolly all the time. The people seemed to open right up to this guy because he was just ridiculously happy all the time. Haha maybe we all get caught in the trap of thinking that the world is getting sadder and sadder while the people get less and less in-touch with reality. Maybe we all lose focus of what´s really important in life. Maybe we aren´t happy because we´ve been exposed to ¨the real world¨. Well I´ll tell you what I´ve learned this week: that stuff ain´t nothin but a thang! We can be happy if we want to be happy! But most importantly: real happiness comes from a correct understanding of how the Gospel blesses human kind. For that reason, I´ve started a 40 day fast to help myself gain a stronger testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just like Jesus, I will be attempting a 40 day fast without food or water.... Hahaha psych! It´s just a period of time in which I fast to start and end this activity. During the next 40 days I will pray night and day, asking for help and giving an account of my previously set goals to the Lord so that I can really become a better person. Honestly, it really isn´t that hard to do but I am sure that the results will be unforgettable. I recommend that all of you think of the weaknesses that God has blessed you with and remember the words of Moroni (Ether 12:27). Join me on the light side of the force and begin your own 40 day! Fast and prayer has great power and is the principle of faith. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! You´re the best dad out of all the dad´s that I´ve ever met. Including the USA and Argentina. Haha

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