Monday, April 20, 2015

Milagros y Pochoclo

I think that this week has been one of the greatest weeks that I have ever had in the mission and I owe it to an awesome comp, blessings pouring from heaven, and love for my sheep here in Pichanal. Not only have I come to respect many of the members of Pichanal (in spite of the many things that I often hear of them). One of the two biggest miracles that I would like to share today started last Sunday night. For about 2 months, we have been teaching a sister named Amancia and she is one of the best investigators that I´ve been able to teach in the sense that she always is willing to do what God expects of her. She was even willing (desirous even) to pay tithing before being baptized! Well, yesterday, we got to experience her baptism... She didn´t want many invited so only a few family members were present. Elder Starkey, mi hijo, all dressed in white, next to Amancia, with a few dear family members, made me think of how happy I am to be here in Argentina. There was actually a set-back with the baptismal.... pool, but we were able to fix it and shortly after she was baptized. I wish that everyone could see the smile on her face after leaving the freezing cold waters of baptism. Since Argentines don´t smile, I couldnt capture it on photo. Haha
Later on this week, we did our weekly planning and tried thinking of the possibility of baptism next week. We actually thought of a young girl who was about to be baptized about 2 months ago when my last companion, Elder Sandberg and I were together. Turned out that the father was very opposed to the baptism and refused to give permission or even speak with us about the subject. Well, months passed and the other week, he stopped us in the street (drunk of course) and mumbled that he wanted to change and that we should pass by the house. Well, we passed by a few days later and nobody was there. As we arrived home, the sister of this man (a member of the church) was in front of the pension and told us that his wife, Rosana, had contracted Hanta Virus, a dangerous virus from rats and that he, Walter, wanted us to give her a blessing. A few days later, we travelled to Oran and gave her a blessing. Miraculously, she left the intensive part of the hospital and is on her way to full recovery. The father has now accepted baptism and suggested that his daughter, Rocio, be baptized this week. Crazy! We prayed specifically for a miracle, that God would help Rocio be baptized this Saturday. Walter told us that he would like her to be baptized on Saturday. Never has a blessing or miracle been so specifically given in my life. Miracle are real! Prayer and fasting has more power than we can imagine. I know it, I live it, I love it!

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