Monday, April 13, 2015


I would have to say that this week has been one of the most hectic weeks that I´ve had so far but definitely one of the most memorable. It all started on Monday... Since my companion is slightly less than legal here in Argentina, he was called to go to Salta (mission home) to do some fun papers and lots of waiting while I got to hang with Elder Fuga. I was supposed to stay in Ledesma which is Elder Fuga´s area but since he just got there from another area (transfers), we bought a couple of tickets to Pichanal and stayed here in my home away from home. During the 2 day wait for our companions, we visited multiple investigators. One of which, whose name is Maria, made a huge impact in my week. She recently lost a son to suicide and has felt alone, with hundreds of questions, angry, not only with herself but with God as well, and weak emotionally. At the end of a powerful lesson about the Restoration, we invited her to pray, but she refused. I asked her why and she responded,¨I was mad with God for so long that now he must be mad with me.¨ Sometimes we all fall in the trap of thinking that we are unworthy of God´s help, or even talking with Him. But there`s a story in the Bible that perfectly explains how God feels in situations like these. The Prodigal Son is a parable taught by Jesus Christ to demonstrate His response. Basically, a very well-off man loses a son to the riches and the pleasures of the world, who takes his share of money and takes off. I would encourage you all to listen to the General Conference talk by Elder Nielson, who explains more fully the parable. But, after failing financially, and losing all pride, the son decides to return to his father to ask forgiveness and to be allowed to work as a servant. The father does not even think of the loss of money, or the insults that were probably shouted as the son left, or the time of suffering that he had suffered in wait, or even the damage caused by his son on his family... Rather, he accepts the son gladly, puts a coat upon him, shoes on his feet, and prepares a feast. I described this parable to Maria and she understood that God angers not with her, but awaits her with open arms. In tears, she accepted to say the prayer before we left. It was so sincere. The Spirit was present. And I knew that God was happy that she was finally coming back.
Just yesterday, we witnessed a great miracle as well. Amancia, an investigator now for a long time, wouldn´t accept baptism because she didn´t feel ready, but we are so sure that she´s been ready for a while now! We invited her to pray and search for an answer concerning baptism. After about 15 minutes on our knees, she said that she didn´t feel her answer. I didn´t know why now! The Spirit was so strong! Then, all of a sudden, a member who was with us told her that God wanted her to know him more. Before he even finished the sentence, she started crying into her hands. I knew that she had realized that God was speaking through us so that she could come closer to Him. She will be baptized this Friday. I don´t even have time to explain the other miracles that were witnessed this week but I don´t have any doubts that God is hurrying His work. I have strengthened my testimony beyond compare. And I have come closer to my Heavenly Father. Miracles exist. God prepares us to see them every day. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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