Monday, March 9, 2015


What a crazy week it´s been! Since it´s been raining pretty continually, the river Colorado that`s about a mile away from Pichanal flooded super crazy! We actually passed over the river and, man let me tell you, it was mean looking. First of all the river is brown with mud and since the river has a shollow bed, the rapids were humongous, about the size of 10-20 foot waves in the ocean. Soon they shut the bridge down to vehicles and we had to walk over the bridge to get back to our area on Friday in the blazing, humid heat. A few hours after that, we heard that the bridge where the train crosses got carried away so we were afraid that the other ones were destroyed as well. Luckily they were alright but since then, the power and water have been shut off. Which was not okay because we were supposed to fill the baptismal font for our investigator Brenda`s baptism! For about 3 days, the power and water were out so we were suffering from the intense heat, lack of water, and anxiety for the baptism. Luckily, the missionaries in Oran had power and water so they started filling the baptismal font on Saturday morning. But, Oran is on the other side of the bridge so we hopped in a taxi and headed for Oran hoping that the bridge was still there and letting cars pass. Well, God answered our prayers because the baptism went through. I was really, really happy in spite of the diffulties. Brenda had been listening for a very long time and when I got here, we decided to change up the style a little bit. We started to see her progress a ton and the other week she told us that she was gonna get baptized. Sometimes we don´t know exactly why things happen but there´s one thing that I do know. When our Heavenly Father says that it´s time, there´s nothing that can stop His will. I´ve learned a lot on my mission, but I think that the biggest thing that I´ve gained is a way of trusting in the Lord when everything seems to be going wrong, or even when everything is going right. Our efforts can only take us so far. God´s efforts will take us farther that we could have hoped for. I know it, I live it, I love it! 
Elder Philpot

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