Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Loor al Profeta

This week has been pretty great overall. We did exchanges with the zone leaders and I realized how much I enjoy the company of my ¨son¨ Elder Starkey. We are planning a baptism for this Friday. And I came to really appreciate the love that God has showed us by calling a prophet in these latter days. 
This Friday another grandmother named Yolanda will be baptized, just like in Tucuman. It seems as though all grandmothers named Yolanda seem to take a fancy to me. Haha but she is really great. She can´t read and hardly understands what we are explaning at times but she is so willing to do what the Lord expects of her and wants to do this to set an example for the rest of her family. Unfortunately, we won´t have a sacrament meeting this weekend because of General Conference so Yolanda will be confirmed next week. I´ll send pics and the deets next week!
That reminds me, I´m way pumped for General Conference! Since the branch is really small here, we are going to have to take a bus to Orán that´s about 45 minutes away to watch it on the big screen. It´s great time to hear the Lord speaking to us through His prophets and apostles.
The title of this letter,Loor al Profeta, means Praise to the prophet or more commonly known as the Hymn ¨Praise to the man¨. Multiple times this week, we shared short messages with our investigators and afterwards watched a film from the Church called ¨Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration¨. It´s a great movie and I would recommend it to everyone, member or not. It explains about the humble life of Joseph Smith and his search for the truth. In our day, there are thousands of churches and every one of them teaches differently.  Everyone seems to have the same question in all the world... Which is correct? And how can I know it? Joseph had that very question but in his time, just like ours, every church claimed to be the right one. He learned from the Bible that to know the truth, he should ask God and would be guided correctly if he did so. He asked and received an answer. He was told by God the Father and Jesus Christ the he should join none of them and that the true Church that Christ organized was lost after His death along with the permission needed to teach and baptize in the name of God. But God once again, to show His great love for His children, called a prophet and restored the Church of Jesus Christ. In the movie, Joseph invites one of the pastors from another church to learn more and attend the Church of Jesus Christ. The pastor asked if he was still determined to create this church of his. Joseph Smith responded by saying the following powerful statement,¨It´s not mine... It is His. It is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.¨ I know that this is the Church that Christ leads and directs. I know that God has called a prophet in these days to fulfill the writings of Amos,¨ For surely, the Lord God will do nothing save He reveal His secrets to his servants the prophets.¨ I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church with the proper authority for the salvation of all humanity. And if any of you wish to know for yourselves, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not. 
Esta es la senda, y no hay otra... Lo sé, lo vivo, me encanta.
Elder Philpot

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