Monday, September 1, 2014

Borrachos and Escogidos

You´re probably wondering what Borrachos and Escogidos means. Well google it... Haha just kidding, Borracho is the word for drunkard or crazy dude and escogido means chosen, to which I refer to Heavenly Father´s chosen investigators. Well, this week we´ve been doing divisions a lot to try to teach as many people as we can in different areas. Well, yesterday, I headed out with this member, Davíd Caspary, to teach of few people that live in a poorer zone of our area. Well, funny enough, right as we cross the street, we run into an investigator who knows the Bible extremely well but also likes to drink and doesn´t believe in a specific church being the church of Christ, there´s only salvation through good deeds. Well, since he knows the Bible well, he´s always speaking in a very Old Testament kind of way and David didn´t understand anything that he was trying to get at. Hahaha it just got funnier from there. David started to ask questions about what the guy was saying and so the drunk guy started to get irritated and asked him questions about why he didn´t understand. Haha finally we were able to testify a little and then he asked his famous question to David: Cual es tu gracia? Which translates to What is your grace? What he meant by the question is, What is your name, but David didn´t understand and started asking what that meant. You have to be very specific with this guy by saying what, does that word mean, or something similar but David was just making the situation worse. Haha what is your grace, what is your grace. Haha finally he said his name and things settled down. As we left, he said to me, Te quiero, and then looked at David and said, y a Vos, no te quiero, and then spat on the ground. Hahaha what a interesting guy. Now, as for God´s chosen ones. We met this girl named Yolanda and basically she has just been progressing like you wouldn´t believe! Not only does she find everything to make sense but accepts the Gospel very well. She told us last night that this had to be a sign from God because this was the third time that the ¨Mormons¨ had passed and it was as if God was telling her what to do already. She then told us that she´s the back-bone of the family and would like to be baptized and bring the rest of her family with her. What a joy I felt hearing that! God is definitely the head of this work and we´re just a couple of young guys watching Him do it all. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the work and glory of God, to bring all unto Christ through a couple of simple missionaries. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
No pics, I forgot my camera chord. Next week for sure my friends!

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