Monday, September 29, 2014

Salvation cometh through Christ

To start off, I want to tell a story that made me really think on my job as a missionary. The other week we were in taxi, heading for the pension and I started to talk to the driver about the U.S. and why I´m here in Argentina. He told me right off that God didn´t send His Son to this earth. I was really shocked that I kind of just stayed quiet as he explained more about Christ being a good man with a good purpose, but He couldn´t be the Son of God because a father would never do that to his son. I tried to think about what I could say to him but then a calm came over me and I just bore my testimony that I know that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God. Sometimes as missionaries all we can do is tell people what we know because, though they can deny my logic, they can´t deny my testimony. They can say no, no, but they can´t say that my testimony isn´t sincere. Sometimes Satan has the power to twist thoughts into disbelief but one thing I know to be true is that salvation comes through one being, and one being only: Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I love sharing the Plan of Salvation with my investigators because it helps one to see the purpose of life, but more importantly, it helps people to see that without Christ, salvation is impossible. God created a perfect plan with the perfect design, sending a perfect Son, to die that all may be perfected in Him. Through Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed from sin. Since no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God, this accomplishment is extremely vital. Through the resurrection of Christ we may appear before God with an equally perfect body, another accomplishment absolutely vital as God has a body of perfect flesh and bones. What I do as a missionary only helps people to come to the knowledge of salvation through Christ and helps them take the necessary steps to receive the gift of the Atonement, or eternal life in the presence of our Heavenly Father and our families. I want to be with my family forever. Through living prophets, God has revealed that ability again to the world. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Jesus is the Christ. Salvation only cometh through His sacred name. I know it, I live it, I love it.
Yolanda is doing awesome and looks forward to her new baptism date, the 11th of October. She smokes but has decided that she stops now so that her family can receive the blessings of living according to God´s commandments. We encountered a new family, the Borquez family. The grandma told us in the second lesson that she couldn´t come to our church because her pastor said no... After saying the prayer and reading from the Book of Mormon she decided that she would come to church with us even if the pastor said no. She did. She also skipped her church on Friday and even told them to leave when they came looking for her. Haha I don´t have my camera today but I´ll send some photos next week!
Elder Philpot

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