Monday, August 11, 2014

Spring = Summer or Winter

Freaking weather here is crazy! One day it will be ridiculously hot and then the next day it´s ridiculously cold! Haha apparently the Spring here is just a crazy pot of winter or summer. But I´m fighting through the craziness. Before I start, I´m still hanging in the same area with the same companion, Parque Guillermina with Elder Salvioli. But the other day we had divisions with the zone leaders for the day. I was with Elder Vargas and we basically just did the normal routine for the day. Since we were in my area, I was leading the whole time and basically they see how well you are progressing as a missionary and in what ways you need help. Well, apparently I´m progressing pretty awesome because Elder Vargas was telling me about how I´m going to do awesome things as a missionary because I only have 2 months in the mission field and am already really good at both the language and teaching. He told my companion that I´m going to do great things at a young age. That made me feel really good about my progress lately so I think that all your prayers have really been helping me through the rough times. Thanks so much for all the support from home! I don´t have a very funny story from this week except that my companion and I have been trying to contact as many Jehova´s Witness as possible. Haha but that´s just part of missionary work. Haha I love all you guys, thanks for all the help with your prayers. God has and will answer every single one! I know it, I live it, I love it! Ciao
Elder Philpot
-I´m really trying to work on the pics, so be patient!

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