Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chi, Chi, Chi, le, le, le... Viva Chile!

Well, today´s not Monday... Haha I could not write on Monday because I was on my way to Chile! Yep, Chile. So turns out that a bunch of missionaries only have their tourist visa so we had to leave the country and re-enter so that the police couldn´t take us to the carcel. I got a call on Saturday night and they told me that I´d be headed to Chile with a bunch of other missionaries and that I had to leave in the morning. When we headed out Sunday morning (by the way, it was pretty early) I found out that my good pals Elder Erickson and Elder Hampton from the MTC would be hanging out with me the whole time! So we headed out in the colectivo or bus and arrived in the mission Cordoba, and the mission home is right next to the new temple that is being built! It looks way good already. During dinner there in the mission home of Cordoba, a kid asked me where I was from and I told him that I was from Arizona. He told me that he didn´t believe me because he thought I knew Spanish already before the mission. So I played along and said I was from Buenos Aires because I have an accent from my old companion Elder Salvioli. Hahaha but I still have a lot to learn. Trust me. Just a funny story. Haha anyways we had to pick up more missionaries from Mendoza mission afterwards. At that time, we had been traveling for like 24 hours straight in bus. Then we headed straight for Chile to cross the border, eat, and then head back the way we came. The border was in the Andes!!!! We had a snowball fight in the Andes Mountains! Not many missionaries can say that they have done that. Haha but it was a great spiritual experience for me as well. I was doing companionship study with Elder Hampton and I started to talk about what I´d learned in the Book of Mormon. I have never had a love so strong for that book because it has everything that anyone could need inside it´s blue cover. The mission president is giving us all a box of Books of Mormon each so that we can give out a ton. I am PUMPED! Haha there are baptisms coming too. My investigator Yolanda is preparing to be baptized the 27th of September. When we visited she told me and my new companion that she was going to keep thinking about it. She told my new companion that if she gets baptized, she wants us to know that it was because of this boy, pointing at me, and the one that left just a while ago. What a great feeling. But even better, I called her the next day and asked if we could come the next day to teach her. She said that she couldn´t but that she was just about to call me! She said,¨I have made a decision.¨ After about five thousand years of waiting, she said,¨ I´m going to get baptized!¨ It was the best feeling I have ever felt in my whole life. I look forward to her baptism because I know that she will be a really really big help in the church. Her testimony is crazy strong and already knows soooo much. She read half the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith book in a couple of nights. Haha she is the best! Anyways, I am really happy! Thanks for all the support and the prayers. I am seeing them help my mission a ton. The Book of Mormon is true. God prepares people every day to enter in at the gate. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
I forgot my camera. Next week, I´ll send a bunch!

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