Monday, June 22, 2015

La Iglesia Mormonica

To start us off, I want to tell a story. Saturday night, while walking away from one of our investigator´s house, we found ourselves thinking about where we would be going. From a distance we saw a small figure walking toward us in the dark as if he lived in that house. Well, we were leaving so we said hi and shook his hand but before we could contact him, he starting to ask us a few things. The first thing he said is unforgettable. ¨Ustedes son de la iglesia mormonica?¨ Translation: ¨Are you guys from the mormonic church.¨ I said, with a surprised/sarcastic tone, yes, we´re from the mormonic church. Then he asked if we were elders. I said yes. He proceeded to ask our names and comment that they were strange. I agreed. Then he said, ¨Good, I´m going to church tomorrow.¨ Then he marched in the front door.... We passed by Sunday morning and he was already dressed. We walked together to church. Unfortunately, he lives in another part of Salta because his family is separated but it was the greatest experience until now in my mission. Haha what makes the story even better is that Jorge, our contact from last week, woke up early this morning and went to church by himself. He got there 30 minutes before church started. After all the meetings he said, ¨Alright, what´s next?¨ We had to tell him to go home. Hahaha I`ve learned quite a bit this week but what I saw most is the constant need to receive personal revelation from our Heavenly Father. Everyone needs help in this life and God isn´t a cold being that lives far away laughing at all His kids falling, getting up, and falling again. God loves you. He wants you to be successful. He´s very willing to lead you but He needs to hear your voice. I learned that God is preparing His children to receive success through His Church. I don´t have one single doubt that families are meant to be together forever. The Gospel has been restored for our personal progress. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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