Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey, missionaries don´t frolic! Well these missionaries do... Haha this week hasn´t been too different from the rest so we´ve been finding lots small funny things that help us loosen up. One of which is the practice of frolicking because it´s a little faster than walking, not too physically demanding, and much more fun. But don´t worry, usually we wait until everyone can see us to start frolicking in the streets. Haha anyways, we´ve been having a lot of fun lately and the transfers are starting to fly by and my companion is just about to end. It´s pretty sad how fast time goes in the mission but with every week comes awesome new experiences. This week we did companion exchanges and while I was with Elder Brazzel I learned that some of the best missionaries are also the most humble. If we learn to be humble, what the world thinks begins to leave our list of worries and what the Lord hopes us to do begins to guide our actions in spite of physical or mental barriers. Sometimes I wish I hadn´t been put in a leadership position because I don´t want to think about what others think of me. I wish that my thoughts were set only on what the Lord expects of me. I know that it´s important to help other missionaries but I think that it gets to all the missionaries´ head at times. Other times I think of the happiness it brings me to help other missionaries in their missions and I feel great gratitude for an opportunity to serve them. Service really is a sign of not only true discipleship but also humility.
But anyways, I wanted to share an awesome experience I had this week! While walking down the street last Monday, walking away from the house of someone that we wanted to visit (who wasn´t there), I felt as though we needed to talk with more people in the street... It´s just that there wasn´t anybody in the street. About a minute later I felt a strong impression and said to my companion,¨We need to contact the next person that we see!¨ My companion said,¨Alright!¨ and while I looked to see if anyone was turning the corner, Elder Fewel asked me if that was a shadow in the door at the end of the street or a person. As we got closer, someone walked up to him and shook his hand with a fist bump. Oh great, I thought, it´s just a druggie and his friend. We almost passed by him but I felt determined. As we shook his hand and began to talk, his face brightened up and I realized that he was way not a druggie. He let us in and expressed his desire to learn more. Turns out, he´s just an awesome dude, about 30 and surprisingly intelligent. The Lord definitely has a huge role in this work... This IS His work. Our Father speaks with His children. He knows every single one of us. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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