Monday, July 21, 2014


Hallooo, family! We got to clean the pension today. It looks way better but still we´re in South America so it´s about as good as it gets. Today I bought a stereo and a thumbdrive to listen to music. I´ll copy all the music from other missionaries and then I can listen to music the rest of my mission. A good purchase! Not too expensive, but an early birthday present. Its starting to get warm in these parts and I`m starting to wish I had brought more short sleeve shirts. But I will learn to survive because there are hotter parts of the mission, oh wait, there`s only one... It`s really humid here during the summer but I will hopefully be elsewhere when summer full on hits. So the title is something that is absolutely ridiculous about the language here in Argentina, Tucumán. ¨Perro¨ means dog in spanish but since the people can´t roll their r´s, the say it with an sh. What´s funny is that absolutely no dog has an actual name... Hahaha so the dogs will be barking and all the people will scream,¨Persho¨! It´s the funniest thing! The funny thing is the dogs will stop after that. Such an awesome part of the culture that we laugh about all the time. Anyways, I´ve been reading from Jesus the Christ a bit lately and am starting to realize that the more one learns about Christ, the more absolutely amazed and grateful for his sacrifice one becomes. I don´t have much time because I get quite a few emails and my family is big but I want to stress the importance of Christ in our lives. Every week we get to remember Christ through the Sacrament and be completely clean once again. What a blessing. Remember that Christ endured immensely for each and every one of us. Use His gift. Christ died that we may all live again and more importantly, as families. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot
PS Still no baptism. It´s been tough but we are planning to have many in the next month.

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  1. We loved reading your blog post. We have missed you, especially on the backpacking trip. You ought to hear what Elijah did!

    Sam says, "I can't wait for you to come back and be safe!"

    Maggie says, "I have missed you and hope you have a great time on your mission."

    Josh says, "I miss you and can you tell me if you can find out where Lionel Messi lives and whether or not you ever plan to go there."

    Abigail says, "I miss you and hope you have a great time there in Argentina."

    Isaiah says, "Do you know who Freeranger the Skylander is? And, did you have any Skylanders on your mission?"

    Morgan & Natalie, Josh, Sam, Maggie, Abigail, Isaiah (The Philpots)