Monday, July 28, 2014

Don´t worry, about a thing!

Hallo familia y amigos. This week was pretty awesome! Since I bought that stereo, we have been listening to lots of music and most of it has been church music. Haha Elder Salvioli has like 1500 songs on his thumbdrive so we came across a few that are less churchy. Haha one was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley! After a long day, we heard the song and could not change it. But it´s okay because I have repented and have not listened to anything like it since! Then, on Thursday, I headed to Salta to do some immigration paperwork and all that fun stuff. What´s funny is that Elder Erickson was my companion on the way there and on the way back because he was doing it too. So our companions stayed in Tucumán and we went to Salta together. Sooo awesome! Elder Erickson is definitely a life-long pal. In Salta, we went to the main square for a little because we had to go pay at the international bank there, and it was so awesome. It´s so European style and very cool, with little cafes and shops that are super interesting. When we got back, we were back with our companions for the last day of my first traslado in Tucumán, or my first six week period of transfers. Crazy! Anyways, as always, I´ve been focusing a lot on trying to really come to know the scriptures. The scriptures are one of the most powerful tools in, not only conversion, but progression in life. As we study the scriptures every day and really search how our lives can be blessed from them, we will never lack the knowledge that our Father in Heaven really loves us. The scriptures have the power to change lives for the best. I know it, I live it, I love it! Un abrazo. Ciao
Elder Philpot
PS If you have sent a DearElder, then I don´t know where to send a letter back! Haha my email is available if you just email or talk with the fam.

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