Monday, July 14, 2014

Awww.... Perdió!

Argentina lost... What a bummer. But also a blessing! Haha what´s good is now the people won´t be partying and I´ll be able to talk to them but also they have humbled themselves a little and will be more receptive to the gospel. Haha the bad thing is that now, I´m from Germany. I have light hair and fair skin so I´m automatically a German in the eyes of the people. not to mention I´m 1/4 Dutch. Haha already, this crazy lady came into the cyber shop and kissed me and my companion on the cheek (which we cannot do) and said to congratulate our people for the World Cup! Haha what a crazy bunch of people I have to work with here in Tucumán. But before the Final yesterday in church the bishopric came up to me and asked me to a give a talk. Of course, my freaking third Sacrament meeting and they ask me to give a talk. Luckily, I´m actually pretty good at the language now so I shared some scriptures, told the people to repent and change, and went back to my seat. Definitely had the help of the Gift of Tongues. I´m really growing here and I honestly have never felt so much learning in my life than I do now. I´ve been reading tons, in fact, I already finished Our Heritage. I feel so grateful for the sacrifice of all the prophets and early Latter-day Saints. We enjoy so much thanks to them. I gotta go but just know that we will always know the "truth by its fruits". This is the most delicious fruit, figuratively, and I can´t help but enjoy every second of it as a missionary. The church brings infinite good. I know it, I live it, I love it.
Elder Philpot

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