Monday, October 19, 2015


As many may have heard, Salta has been shaking with fear of Elder Philpot. Haha a small and almost unnoticeable earthquake struck just the other day and luckily it wasn´t any more than the topic of everybody´s conversation. I missed it because I was blowing my nose. I was only able to hear the clattering of the windows behind me. But what most made me think was a comment that a recent convert made to my companion on the cell phone. He asked if we had felt the earthquake and he replied that we had. Then the recent convert said,¨I didn´t... because I´m founded upon the rock.¨ What a comment! If a man that was baptized just a month ago has the capacity to understand the very center of the Gospel, then why is it difficult for so many others to really grasp it. The center of everything that we do is Jesus Christ, the rock upon which we must build. The rock that, if we build upon it, will not let us fall. I feel a very profound love for the Gospel and I understand that everything depends on our obedience to and love for the Gospel. What I´ve seen abundantly here in the mission is the number of people who pull away from the Church for a negative comment said about them or for the faults of a leader. But what makes me even more sad is when they express a love for the Savior and fail to make it known by their actions. All the Christ asks is that be like Him but often times we blame our own lack of obedience on the faults of others. I hope that we can all keep in mind that the two great commandments are in order for a reason. We must love God above all things, afterwards loving our neighbor even unto ourselves. A question that I like to keep in mind, said by a member of the 70 in the conference of October 2014,¨Which way do you face?¨ If we face always towards the Lord, we will always feel His love. I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

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