Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time Flies!

So, they say that in the MTC days are really long but the weeks are short. It's so true! We have 16-18 hour days depending on when we actually fall asleep and wake up. But that really isn't too bad because you're with your buds and having a good time learning and teaching, even if it is sitting down most of the time studying or being in a classroom. The weeks seem so short though! I think it's because of two things. First, I'm making some awesome friends and having fun (most of the time), and second, I can't even remember what happens on most days because they're long, so I have to write it down. Otherwise I have no idea what happened last week or even last night for that matter. But the Spirit is really strong here so that makes me enjoy the classes and the investigator teachings much more than I would normally.
So, a few fun stories from this week. First, the other day we were getting ready for class and lunch and I thought it would be awesome if we all tied our ties super short. So we did, and man were they short! Like, the opposite end of the tie went to my knees it was so short. Haha and then we went to lunch and everyone thought it was awesome... Except for the Manager who said," That's cute, but it's unbecoming of a missionary." We had to change it of course, and it was a real bummer. But I got a picture so everyone can see the awesome ties we had going on. Second story, I committed my first investigator to baptism! But now he's my teacher... Haha anti-climactic, I know. But now I have three new investigators. The first two are just my maestros, go figure, but the third is named Gabriel. He's awesome! Straight out of Chile and super funny. My companion met him while going to the bathroom with another Elder in my district (we do companion switches a lot for that kind of stuff) and they were supposed to go teach him together but since it was my companion and another's companion, me and my companion decided to teach him together and not the other guys. Haha but it was the best lesson we've ever given; it was about The Plan of Salvation and our Spanish was choice! Afterwards he asked us where we learned Spanish and we were like, we learned a little in high school but we've only been here for 2 weeks. He said he couldn't believe that we were so good. Gabriel had been working on English for like 21 years and still couldn't really speak it so it meant a lot to us for him to say that we were that good at Spanish. He works for the MTC so maybe he can let us in on the secret of whether every "Visitor" is a member or not. Anyways, that experience got me so pumped! Even though the MTC is fun and all, I cannot wait to get out of here and teach some real people! I've never been more happy in my life than after giving a lesson to an investigator in all Spanish. The experience is unlike any other and a mission so far has been more fun to me than most things I've done in my life. So I suggest that missions can be for everyone, because the first convert on my mission was myself. I realized so many things about my life that I consider myself way different than when I entered, and it's only been 2 WEEKS! Imagine all the good that will come from two more years. I believe with all my heart that the gospel is true. It brings happiness to even the darkest of lives. And how great shall be the joy of he that brings many souls unto God. So try to bring others to the truth that you have come to believe and I promise that you'll be more happy than ever in your life. Another thing I've come to believe: Prayer has power... not just something mystical maybe... it has real force and God cannot withhold the will of someone who prays with complete faith. I hope that everyone will Persevere to the End by strengthening their relationship with their Father in Heaven. There are people out there who haven't even received the Gospel yet and need to. Persevering to the End is easy for someone who actually knows the way... Imagine how others are faring without even know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them. Pray for those who need it. Everyone does. Pray that I can learn Spanish so I can hit the ground running in Argentina, ready to bring them the truth. Love all of you. Prayer has power! I know it, I live it, I love it!
Elder Philpot

-Yo y mi companero like to lay down during study
-Me and my kinda short tie
-Our room with my really short tie
-All the people who wear glasses in our zone
-The last night with my bud Elder Parker

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