Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, I'm at the halfway mark and boy am I excited to get out there and teach some real people! It's crazy to think that I've been here for only 3 weeks because it kinda feels like forever but it also feels like its only been a few days. I don't even know how that works. Haha but all is awesome here at MTC West Campus. Sometimes the food is great, sometimes I prefer to skip meals but I'm still grateful that I've had the chance to come here! I realize now how important it is that I enter the MTC the day that I did because there are people impacting me, and vice versa, that sometimes are unexplainable! This past week we were having a lesson on asking inspired questions that come from the Holy Ghost. Similar to the questions that Ammon asked Kind Lamoni, and basically read his mind through the Spirit and taught him with only simple questions. Anyways, we were asking an investigator (our companions acting as investigators) questions that brought the Spirit and taught with power, but that didn't work very well because we were just acting. Then our teacher told us to just speak to each other as ourselves and ask an inspired question that we knew came from the Spirit. We were invited not to speak unless we knew that it was what the Lord wanted us to say. So the classroom was silent for about five minutes and since I was first, I was just wondering what in the world Elder Erickson needed. Until as time was running long, I realized that I was thinking in the wrong direction! I changed my mindset a little and then asked Heavenly Father if he would please give me what I needed so that I could comfort mi compaƱero and let him know what God wanted him to know in that moment. And it came to me. I asked him a simple question and it was exactly what he need to hear. I then gave him a little insight that I felt he needed to know from the Lord. Wow, talk about neat! And then we switched roles.... I didn't even know what he could possibly ask me. I thought of like 4 or 5 things that he could have said to me and I would have been happy. But he didn't. He asked me something that I knew God wanted to remind me of. "Are you here on a mission for the right reasons?" That hit me right at home. I replied," I think so... partly because I want to set an example for my little brothers, and I guess partly because I need to help myself and others to know the truthfulness of the Gospel." My companion could have left it at that and I would've felt the appreciation of my Father in Heaven, but then I heard his voice. It didn't sound like it was coming from Elder Erickson though. I knew that through Elder Erickson, the Lord was speaking to me. He said," Your brothers love you and your decision to come on a mission, and you're setting a good example for them." It's safe to say that at that point, many tears were shed. I don't even know why! The Spirit was so strong and I just felt the love of God. I hope that you can all experience something similar because there is nothing quite like the testifying of the Spirit of God. It was definitely a highlight that I wanted to share, because I know that everyone can feel that love and peace, if they will just trust in the Lord and follow the example of Jesus Christ. I'm definitely not perfect. But I'm trying so hard! God sees that. He's happy with you and your efforts.
Okay, funny story! One of the Elders in my District (Elder Cameron) is a total Texas dude from the swamps near Louisiana and the other day he saw a 'Patito' (duckling) running on the street alone. So what does he do? He takes it back to the apartment, sticks it in the tub, feeds it a brownie, and then leaves it in there until we get back from class at 9:30 at night! Haha he named it 'Ganzo' which means Goose so I don't even know where he got that and he said that he saved it and that he is his mother now. He said he was going to soothe it with his harmonica and learn to play the song 'Rubber Ducky'. Hahaha what's funny is this little duck actually started following Elder Cameron after we tried to let it go. But eventually he got in the little pond in the middle of Campus and started living the life. Eating nice grime and bugs from off the water and swimming around like a champ. But now we can't find him... He's most likely dead because mother ducks will kill their young if they smell different. Patito smelled like four Elder's hands and a brownie. He won't be coming round here Jack. Won't come back no more, no more, no more, no more, Jack. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy but he's in a better place with all the other little ducks that died before the age of accountability.
Also, I've been learning harmonica! I'd say I'm getting pretty good and it's really fun! Plus when you have to ride the bus to main campus, walk kinda far every day, and have some free time, it's an awesome way to pass time. Thanks momma for sending me that harmonica. Even if it has been in the toy box for almost 10 years now... But it works perfectly fine and I love it. I forgot my camera today but I'll send them to my sis and maybe she can put up a few of the funny ones! Just know, the Spirit of Revelation is alive and well! I know it, I live it, I love it!

Elder Philpot

P.S. Send me DearElders fools, I'm getting bored! And give me a return address so that I can send you guys some letters in return.

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